Paul Turner Displays (PTD) has worked with exclusive jeweller, Boodles, for several years producing internal graphics and window displays for each of their high street shops. Boodles have shops and concessions throughout the UK and Ireland and change their displays several times a year. The displays are all different sizes and each time they are updated, the windows needs to change within a very tight time schedule.

The brief for the Christmas period window displays was to create a magical winter wonderland scene, highlighting the stunning range of jewellery. As many people would view the windows during the dark winter evenings, the lighting of the displays also needed to be considered.

Paul Turner Displays researched various options and came up with a solution which entailed 3D flat-pack graphics, both single sided and double sided. To create the desired effect, these were manufactured using a brand new, lightweight material, Ditto Board. Fixings were supplied to each store, which covered every conceivable fitting scenario, including suspending graphics that would move and twist to create the winter wonderland scene. Lace effect paper cloths were created and draped over tables to enhance the displays.

The whole project was coordinated by Boodles’ Display Manager, who commented, “We work very closely with Paul Turner and his team on the run up to a window change. It can be quite intense so it’s brilliant that they are such a friendly and efficient team. I can trust Paul to advise on what is technically possible and within our budget; I know I’ll be getting honest advice as to what will work best for Boodles, not what will be easiest for PTD. We use PTD for the layouts, production, printing and logistics of each job. Our displays are exceedingly important to us and I wouldn’t continue to use PTD if I didn’t think they would deliver the service we need.”

The Christmas graphics were all produced and delivered to each store within a two-week period. Paul Turner, Managing Director of Paul Turner Displays concluded, “Boodles window displays are always challenging due to the large variation in window shapes and sizes.

However, they are very rewarding projects, and it is wonderful seeing the finished displays in the stores. We know the level of service the Boodles’ team expect and always ensure we not only deliver, but exceed their expectations.”