When companies are cutting their marketing budgets drastically, one part of the mix that quickly gets put on the back burner is their exhibition plans. Where in the past, clients have exhibited at many shows throughout the year, producing a different stand for each event, they are now attending less shows, and those that still exhibit many times a year are trying to reuse the same stand.

Clients really want a stand that is adaptable, re-usable, good quality and gives them a good return on their investment. They want a system that can be used at different shows utilising different shaped and sized spaces. Just as importantly, clients want to prove that the money they have invested is being used sensibly, making use of the stand even when they are not at a show, such as in the company’s reception area or in their boardroom. So, the end product you produce for clients has to work a lot harder now and really differentiate them from their competitors.

There are plenty of solutions out there which are eye catching and versatile and will make you, as a marketing professional provide good, sound advice to the client. The problem is researching your options is very time consuming. The exhibition market is flooded with products and it is sometimes difficult to know which stands are good quality and more importantly which fit the business needs of your clients within their budget. Furthermore, your existing stand supplier may not be aware of what is out there or worse still only advise you of stands where they get a good deal from the manufacturer to maximise their own profits rather then what is right for your clients.

One solution might be to pay someone to do the research for you or employ an expert from within the exhibition market place that could, however, prove costly. The alternative could be to use an independent exhibition and display specialist such as Paul Turner from Paul Turner Displays Ltd. His job is to listen to what you want to offer your clients and then advise you as to the most flexible, cost effective solution that has also got a certain ‘wow factor’.

Paul has worked within the exhibition and display market for over 20 years including production, design, sales and also as the owner of a large display company in the North of England. He now works as an independent consultant advising marketing agencies, end users and producers alike. His independence means he can offer advice across the whole range of display products available. Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to talk to Paul is that his advice to you comes free, because his fees are covered by discounts he negotiates with the system manufacturers.

For example, how would you like to be able to offer an animated, illuminated stand that was no thicker than a normal panel and that would also roll up and pack away along with the rest of the panels? Can you imagine how that would make the stand you’d produced for your client be the talking point of their exhibition? Just think of how many other exhibition companies would want to work with you once they see your exhibition expertise and innovative ideas.