Triga Display Systems UK


Soft signage, is becoming an increasingly popular and ethically responsible means of displaying your graphics. Your graphics are printed onto a fabric, and stretched over a lightweight frame once on site, rather than being printed onto paper or vinyl and mounted on board. The fabric is washable, lightweight and is very easy to transport and install. All this adds up to an extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly way of covering large areas.

TRIGASystems.com_tension_fabric_displaysProbably the most innovative display system to come to the UK market in the last few years, Triga is at the forefront of soft graphics. The graphic is seamless up to 3m wide and can be any length. The graphic can be reconfigured very easily depending on the floor space you have and it fits into a system that is extremely portable and lightweight. Triga can be built unsupported up to a height of 5m and to whatever length you choose. It is easy to construct towers, desks, double sided displays or any other bespoke configuration. Triga is already successfully sold in the USA and Australia and Paul Turner Displays is one of a select few distributors chosen to the sell the system is the UK and Ireland.

  • No tools required
  • 100% recyclable
  • Re conformable (Clever!)
  • Lightest and most compact system on the market
  • Can construct up to 5m high
  • Adapts to fit onto shell schemes allowing for seamless graphics on all walls
  • UK based

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You can also view our Flikr pages for further ideas and inspiration.