Choosing your place at an exhibition

Exhibition standsYou’ve decided to take space at an upcoming exhibition. You now need to carefully consider every element to ensure you create the maximum impact.


Whilst there are many variables involved in exhibiting, there’s one that people often overlook. It’s overlooked either because people aren’t aware it’s important, or because they don’t think they can influence it.  So what is this mysterious factor?

It’s where your stand is within the exhibition hall. It’s true that you can’t always choose, but more often that not, if you ask, you will be able to have at least some influence. What’s the point of having a spectacular stand if you don’t get the footfall to your stand?


Ideally, you need to bring the topic up before you’ve firmly booked a space; the earlier book the better and it goes without saying that the organisers are going to be far more accommodating to a potential sale rather than to someone who’s already booked!


The first thing to do is arm yourself with the exhibition floor plan. The floor plan will show things like the entrances, the cafes, seminar areas, etc. It will also show where companies that have already booked will be.


Think about shows you’ve attended as a visitor. Were there areas of the show where there were more people? Were there areas that seemed out on a limb where the visitors seemed very thin on the ground and the stand staff were talking to each other or on their mobile phones?


You’ll often find that every exhibition has key, major exhibitors, and visitors will always be drawn to their stands, making the area around them very busy. Bars and food outlets are always busy areas, giving the stands nearby a higher than average number of passing visitors. Strange though it may seem, a stand on the way to the toilets can often be a good choice.


There are other factors involved in trying to choose your position, but if you’d like us to help, all you have to do is ask. Remember you only get out of a stand what you put in.


At PTD we want to help you get the most out of whatever you invest in exhibiting, and we’re happy to help even before you book the space. All you need to do is ask us, it’s that simple!