Birmingham educational specialist, Trilby Multimedia recently launched their unique App, TrilbyTV, which is designed to make sharing video content within schools easy and stress free. With only a few clicks, video content can be sent from pupils’ tablets to the teaching staff to be moderated. Once the staff have passed the content, it then takes only the press of a button to send the video to any screen within the school.

The videos are automatically archived on TrilbyTV’s secure, UK based servers. A ground breaking product such as TrilbyTV deserves the best display material possible; enter Paul Turner Displays.

tilby3Trilby Multimedia are already well established within the educational and training market places, particularly for their support for Apple products. Several of their staff are fully accredited Apple trainers and regularly present throughout the UK and often abroad. Trilby needed a display that was versatile enough to be used in a wide range of venues, from small school hosted conferences to full blown exhibitions. They also needed help with some sort of display for their resellers and obviously this needed to tie in with the main TrilbyTV display.

Given the amount of variables possible, they needed to speak to someone who could give them independent and unbiased advice based on a knowledge of a wide number of display systems. Paul Turner, of Paul Turner Displays fitted the bill perfectly.

Paul advised them to go for an IsoFrame Wave stand for their main display system and then traditional roller banners for the resellers. Paul explained that whatever size IsoFrame system they bought now, they could use all or some of it, depending on the size of the event. Critically though, if they ever had a need for a larger display in the future, it would be very easy to expand the system. Ben Stanley, Director of Trilby commented, “We knew we needed some form of display system for all the events we attend, and we knew we wanted it to be a quality system that would make us stand out. What we didn’t know and maybe we still don’t know is what size of events we will be attending in the future. We needed a system that we could expand in the future, preferably without making the original system obsolete.

In actual fact, once we’d talked to Paul, it became obvious that the IsoFrame Wave system ticked all the boxes. After speaking to Paul, it all seemed very straight forward.”

tilby2Trilby have their own in house design team and, once Paul had supplied them with the panel sizes, they were able to design their own stand. Given what the TrilbyTV App does, obviously the stand needed to be able to support a flat screen monitor. The IsoFrame system does this with ease. Paul Turner commented,” When I first discussed the project with Trilby, they thought it might be hard getting one display system that would fulfil their current needs let alone be expandable, depending on what they needed in the future. Of course, it isn’t always possible to predict the size of display system you’ll need in the future, but this is where the versatility of the IsoFrame system comes in. Not only can you use as much or as little of the system as you have today, you can almost infinitely add to this system in the future. It really is remarkably versatile”.

Trilby have already used their system at several shows throughout the UK and have extensive plans for the future. Their resellers have also been out and about with their roller banners. If you’re in the educational world, look out for a very smart TrilbyTV stand at an education event sometime soon.